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Spring 2020 Fee Donations/Refunds/FAQs

Spring 2020 Fees by Age/Competitive Level

Age Group Play Level Fees
U9/U10 Spring Only-White or Blue $425
U11/U12 Spring Only-Regional $700
  Spring Only-State $625
  Spring Only-Cities $525
U13/U14 Spring Only-League One $770
  Spring Only-State $695
  Spring Only-Cities $595
U15+ Spring Only-League One $820
  Spring Only-State $745
  Spring Only-Cities $645

Winter Training Value

Blue, White, Cities & State level players-$100

Regional & League 1 level players-$175

Club Expense Matrix

  Refundable Not Refundable Partially Refundable  
Admin   X    
Coaches     X Hourly coach wages not paid as many hours
Staff Payroll   X    
Equipment X     Budgeted equipment purchases forgone
Outdoor Field Rental     X Field rental fees reduced due to no games played
Indoor Space Rental   X    
Rent for Welu Facility   X    
Insurance   X    
League Fees     X League fees partially paid by club
Referees X     Referee fees not paid by club
Scholarships   X    
Tournament Reimbursement     X Refunded tourney reimbursements will be refundable


Q: Is OWSC a for-profit organization or a non-profit organization?

A: OWSC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Each player’s registration fee consists of coach pay, league fees, indoor facility fees, outdoor field fees, referee fees, and indirect program and operational costs.  Registration fees are set each year with the goal to break even as a club. It is not OWSC's goal to make a profit. Under these extreme and exceptional circumstances, the club will incur a loss in 2019-20.

Q: Can we donate our refund amount to OWSC?

A: Yes, you can donate your spring season payments, less services received (winter training), to OWSC. Since we are a non-profit 501(c)(3) it is tax-deductible as allowed by law.  OWSC will gratefully provide a receipt for your donation.

Please consider donating back to OWSC to use for scholarships and future programming.  As a non-profit youth soccer club, we depend on registration fees to cover expenses that go beyond our competitive season. We also realize this is a tough time financially for many, including businesses, small business owners, and individual families. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you’re able to donate your refund amount to help offset scholarships, staff and coach expenses, and future programming, we would greatly appreciate your consideration so we can continue to provide the best youth soccer experience in the future.

Q: What fees will be refunded due to the cancellation of summer league games and limited practice sessions?

A: OWSC is refunding the unused portion of each player’s registration fee plus any other fees that were not incurred, such as refunded tournament fees. 

Q: Will our coaches and staff be paid?

A: Yes.  Since they are coaching a shorter season, however, coaches and staff will be paid for the work they have done. We believe standing by our coaches and staff is the right thing to do since they’re critical to delivering the best soccer experience for our players and families, now and in the future.